Which Online Casinos Accept Neosurf 2024?

Greetings to you, dear players, once again our editorial staff has prepared an interesting and useful material for you on the subject: what online casinos in South Africa accept Neosurf.

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The variety of payment systems in South Africa allows players to enjoy the game and new winnings, not to think about how best to deposit or withdraw to the casino.

We always stay on the customer's side and offer honest reviews.

What is Neosurf?

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It is a prepaid card created by Neosurf Cards SAS. This card allows you to make payments online easily, anonymously and securely.
The card can be purchased at any of over 135,000 outlets worldwide, then you load money into your account to use, and you're done.

There are many entertainment sites that accept this card as a means of payment, and there are even online casinos with Neosurf that officially accept these transfers.

Importantly, with this method of payment, the user does not have to confirm their tax information, so personal information is protected.

In addition, this system is less susceptible to being tracked by state fiscal control authorities, which causes some controversy regarding its use.

Like all cards of this kind, Neosurf has a limited credit, which depends on the value for which the user buys their code.

This is an advantage in terms of controlling finances and preventing overspending.


As a start-up company, Neosurf has to compete in the market with companies in the same field. In this case, the prepaid card industry in South Africa and globally is monopolized by Playsafecard, which has longer experience in the sector and many more strategic allies than new companies.

So Neosurf is in the process of establishing itself: it needs to reach more people, create more outlets, and partner with more merchants that accept payments.

Neosurf Security

Not only this card, but all prepaid cards are known for their reliability.
The most important thing is to take into consideration how each company uses the private information and personal data of its users.

Neosurf keeps everything on its servers and does not disclose it to anyone unless ordered to do so by the justice system for purposes of fundraising, preventing money laundering, and combating tax evasion.

Thus, the fact that personal information is protected when making purchases is a relief to consumers. This prevents frauds such as duplicate cards, phishing and virtual identity theft. Neosurf offers its users the ability to get a copy of their digital information for an amount starting at $10 or the South African Rand exchange rate.

Pros and cons of Neosurf

• Obviously, each payment system has its positive and negative sides.
• Let's look at all the nuances, so that you can comfortably choose the most suitable option.

• Loyal attitude to players and online casinos.
• Quick verification of new users.
• Easy and clear personal account system.
• Company does not share tax information.
• No unnecessary questions to different jurisdictions.


Sometimes there is a misunderstanding during registration, this is not only a minus, but also a nuance.

We recommend going through the entire verification at once.
The account must be filled out only in your real name.

Project Development

Neosurf is headquartered in Paris, but also has offices in Spain, Japan, China, the UK and other countries.

Its possible inclusion as a means of payment in the travel industry would increase the brand's potential and broaden the scope of transactions. Being a young company, the outlook for its future is encouraging.


South African players who choose Neosurf as their means of payment can safely and profitably enjoy all the benefits of fast payments such as through Visa and Mastercard.


Is Neosurf suitable for payment at online casinos in South Africa?

Neosurf is suitable for payments at online casinos and other entertainment venues.

Is Neosurf a secure payment system?

Yes, it is a proven and reliable payment system that uses modern international control systems.

Can I get my winnings from Neosurf?

Definitely yes, Neosurf works on the principle of electronic money, you can easily receive transfers and your winnings into your account.