PayPal Casino South Africa 2024

Top 3 Real Money Casinos

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2 Bonus R8,888
3 Bonus R11,500

PayPal is the world leader in online payments for e-commerce, millions of people all over the world know this fact.

Every 5 people on the planet use this payment system.
If you are looking for legal online casinos in South Africa, you want to make safe deposits and withdraw your winnings, it means that the payment service PayPal is exactly what you need.

We suggest you to study this question in details.
Our task is to provide unbiased and objective review so that you, dear readers, could choose correctly for yourself – a reliable method of payment and withdrawal of funds.

The Best Online Casino that Accepts PayPal

Rank Casino Review No Deposit Bonus Welcome Bonus Games Play Now
1 Springbok Casino R350 Free R11,500 300+
2 Yebo Casino R350 Free R12,000 350+
3 Genesis Casino 300 Free Spins R15,000 500+
4 Africasino R350 Free R6,000 365+
5 SilverSands Casino R300 Free R8,888 500+
6 Tusk Casino R300 Free R5,000 3000+
7 Apollo Slots R300 Free R9,999 500+
8 Spin247 Casino 100 Free Spins R3,000 42+
9 Punt Casino R200 Free R10,000 500+
10 Thunderbolt Casino R350 Free R10,000 300+

Every year in South Africa, the number of casinos that offer PayPal as a payment instrument is increasing. This is a positive trend, because users will always have a choice of the best methods of deposit and withdrawal from casino.

How we check reliable casinos

payment system features

Our expert online casino reviewers, carefully and diligently check each site. After the initial selection, the next stage, it includes more than 50 indicators.
Here is one practical example of what features and nuances we look at.

  1. The site should be well designed and have a user-friendly interface.
  2. Be sure to have international security certificates and data encryption technology SSL.
  3. The presence of gaming licenses.
  4. Qualitative and reliable gaming software from trusted brands.
  5. Wide choice of payment systems.
  6. Support for players in their native language.
  7. Verified payouts.

After these long procedures, we create a list of reliable sites, which will give you the opportunity to enjoy an excellent casino game and have fun.
We do not recommend using resources that are not on our list. Live Dealer Casinos is the best payout rating of all players.

Latest Paypal Online Casinos on our Blacklist

Each online casino goes through a twenty-five-step process before including it onto the list of sites we recommend. First of all, a high-quality and reliable casino must comply with the following points: legality, gaming software, broad banking opportunities, customer assistance, and so on. If the site doesn’t fit at least one item, it is included in the so-called “blacklist”.

Do not use the resources of the sites presented below, if you don’t want to get into unpleasant situations:

“Grand Prive” (two and a half out of ten)

  • You need to verify your identity, due to which the application delays the transfer of funds;
  • Security is not too high;
  • All winnings are thought out in advance.

“Planet 7” (one point two out of ten)

  • The processing of personal data doesn’t meet security requirements;
  • Low customer support – many problems are not resolved;
  • Operators do not respond quickly to requests.

“Cool Cat” (two out of ten)

  • Players often don’t receive their winnings;
  • Service of customer support is bad;
  • Wagering has overpriced and strange requirements.

What is PayPal?

Paypal in Africa

One of the most widely used tools in the world for sending and receiving money safely is PayPal. The company that operates PayPal was born in 2001 under the influence of Ilon Musk.

Every year, thousands of online gambling projects sign an agreement with PayPal, so that players could receive the most advanced types of payments.

Opening a PayPal account is easy and secure: for individual users the advantage is that they can make purchases, receive money or pay back friends and acquaintances without ever giving out their financial information.

For businesses, especially those involved in e-commerce, the advantage is the ability to receive money through a payment system that is now known and used globally.

PayPal acts as an intermediary between the user and other users or between the user and financial institutions.

Due to the multi-level security system, all transactions are encrypted.

How to make Deposit Through Your Account to PayPal Online Casino

Of course, there is no unique instruction for use to all online casinos. In addition, in most cases, free bonuses are available after registration.

However, there are several steps, holding which you can easily understand and use PayPal on any of the devices:

  1. First of all, you have to pin your bank card to your PayPal account. There have be money in your personal account;
  2. Select PayPal in the appropriate section;
  3. Look through the deposits so that you can satisfy them and write the amount you want to deposit;
  4. Funds should appear in the online casino personal account, usually money is transferred immediately, but there may be delays;
  5. Now you can use money from online wallets to play on casino platforms. In addition, you can receive various bonuses and also use them for funding on the site.

How to Withdraw Money from Online Casino using PayPal

The process itself is different depending on the site on which it is used. However, the scheme for withdrawing money is almost the same everywhere.

So below are some points that will help you quickly and easily withdraw money from any online casino:

  • In any business, before trying to do something, you need to check that all other requirements are met. And the same thing is here – don’t rush to worry and write to the support service until you complete all the steps indicated on the site. Some services require proof of identity, so prepare the paperwork. To withdraw funds, go to cashier. In the cashier section, you can select the service (that is, PayPal) and withdraw the amount from your current balance.
  • The amount to be withdrawn must comply with community guidelines. It should not be underestimated or overestimated (look at the minimum and maximum amount that can be withdrawn at a time).
  • The site will ask for confirmation of personal data. You also need to write the time that will be taken for processing.
  • If all actions are performed correctly, money should soon appear on your personal account, which can later be withdrawn from your bank (debit or credit) card. An option to withdraw this money through an account is also available.

Some of the pros

  • PayPal is already quite popular with online casino players and has a good reputation;
  • It has simple identification that allows you to quickly and easily connect a bank account;
  • The service allows to establish a reliable connection between users and the site they use;
  • There is a high guarantee of safety and reliability.

And some cons

  • PayPal can’t be used everywhere, as already mentioned, it is difficult to find it in regions like USA, Canada and Australia;
  • On some online casinos, sites may ask for a percentage for withdrawals. Such commissions are not always and are not everywhere when it comes to the PayPal service.

Tips from world experts

Debit card

Scott Blumstein, one of poker’s greatest champions, said that Paypal has never failed him with payments of large earned winnings.

Kevin Horridge says that this service is deservedly called “one of the most reliable and convenient”. His reputation almost never fails. Withdrawals are very fast and you don’t have to worry about the security of your data.

This list of winners in poker and online casinos, can be continued very long, but it is better to conclude, if the world stars and champions work with this payment system, it means they trust it.

Safety and Security

PayPal is considered one of the safest payment companies in the world. Customer security and fast transactions are an important plus when working with this service.

The company is constantly working to improve its security algorithms, so in 2024 there was a new update, which allows even better protection of customers’ money.

PayPal is considered by many to be one of the best online wallets for its data integrity. You can safely perform various operations and connect several bank cards to your account without fear of information leakage.

In the world practice, there are cases when dishonest online businesses cheat people and try to take clients’ money for themselves.
However, PayPal takes the side of the law and blocks the accounts of such companies and people get their money back.

PayPal or Neteller

What to choose as a payment for online casinos in South Africa, PayPal or Neteller?

It’s worth noting right away. That they are both great and safe payment systems for South Africans.

They make fast payments and are always improving their security for players.

We think the choice will be for the system that will give you the best transfers with minimal fees.

Our Rating System for Online Casinos

Safety and Security

Probably one of the most important steps is the security check during payment and withdrawal. Each online casino site undergoes a multi-step test for the reliability of data encryption and protection. The history of the company’s payments is studied in detail, and the payment method is also checked.

Deposit and Withdraw

Any obstacles and troubles that may appear during the withdrawal of funds are carefully worked out by using real money in the system. We deposit cash and check if everything is going well, as well as how quickly and easy.

Support Service

Despite how smooth and easy the payment and withdrawal are, users may still need to contact support for some reason. So quick response and problem solving is also a very important point for any online casino. PayPal employees send requests and see how quickly and efficiently site administrators respond to them.

More information

To this multi-step checklist, about twenty mandatory items are added (that a good online casino must meet). For example, how well the system works on different types of devices, whether a computer or mobile phone supports this system, the availability of an application for playing in an online casino, what payment methods are there, and much more. Only after a full check we can have a complete picture of a particular online casino site and decide if it is reliable enough to recommend it to you.

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Why is PayPal used at an online casinos?

PayPal is deservedly considered one of the best payment systems in the world. Both in online casinos and in other gambling projects, players want to securely and quickly receive their winnings, make deposits and be sure that the service is on their side.
Millions of people, every day uses it for their personal purposes, it is payment for school or buying products, the main thing is that every payment is protected.


As you’ve seen in this exclusive review on PayPal casinos in South Africa, a lot depends on how you start using the service.

We recommend all players, not to rush, but to pay attention to the step-by-step registration. Study all the rules and requirements, this will avoid misunderstandings and unwanted account blocking.

We want to note another mistake on the part of users when using Paypal.
Rude attitude with the support service, we strongly recommend not to do so, as support sees only the data you entered or provided.


Is PayPal available on all online casino platforms?

No, our payment system has its own requirements and limitations. PayPal is only available on top casino sites verified by our experts. If a site does not comply with any safety standards, it is automatically deleted from our list of reliable casinos and, accordingly, cannot use the PayPal payment method.

In which regions is PayPal available?

Unfortunately, this system is not yet available in all regions. For example, online gamblers from America, Canada and Australia will not be able to use PayPal. However, here is a list of countries where it is acceptable: EU, UK, Sweden, Greece, Finland, Portugal, Denmark, Belgium, Ireland, Belgium. In some of other countries of the European Union, PayPal is also available.

Are there any similar systems for online casinos?

Of course, there are many more alternatives. Credit and debit card transactions and other e-wallets. For example, the Neteller online casino transaction system is considered very decent.

What is the likelihood that PayPal will soon be available in other regions?

This probability is constantly growing, as is the number of American and Australian online casinos with PayPal. But this can still be difficult due to the adopted legislation regarding online gambling. In different states, the law operates a little bit differently, so perhaps PayPal may soon appear somewhere. But this is not so easy, because PayPal can only be available on legal sites, and there are many nuances here. But due to the fact that the struggle of gambling mats continues and more and more states are legalizing online casinos, the likelihood of access to PayPal in other regions is increasing.

Other Payment Methods